Hi Andrea, thank you for accepting this interview request.

I would like to start with your youth and how you got in touch with electronic music in general. What were the initial influences that shaped your taste? What were you looking for in music and what grabbed your attention the most? Has Trance music been a deep inspiration for you?

From early childhood through a computer that my father brought home in 1985, I got inspired by the 8-bit sounds. Then when I was a teenager, I was mostly listening to pop or to dance music and later to trance, progressive and electro. During that phase of my life, I wasn’t even thinking of DJ-ing, but I think danceable music in general is the one that grabbed my attention the most. With Trance I explored DJ-ing in the beginning of my journey, losing interest a few years after due to the different approach in technique that Techno had to offer for a DJ, which ultimately made it more interesting to me.

How have you shifted towards Techno, and specifically a type of Techno that brought over elements from Trance music?

It was about the sound and the approach to DJ-ing, as stated before, I believe the aesthetic of Techno became more appealing to me than any other genre. In music production there’s a wide spectrum to explore, I believe that contaminations make music evolve, it’s happening all the time. Bringing in my music some elements from Trance came quite spontaneously to me, specifically the psychedelic ones.

What came first, DJ-ing or production? What prompted the idea to produce your own material? How would you actually define the type of sound you are going for?

I started with DJ-ing, vinyls and CDs, music production came few years later. The idea of playing my own music still excites me these days, so that was a good drive back then too. It’s hard to restrain in one or two words the type of music I’m willing to produce or play, so I would say that among the other things I look for when I’m creating are depth and tension, but also playfulness and drama, these are moods / emotions. If we are going to shrink it into few genres the boundaries are staying within the realm of Techno, Trance and Dub music.


How did you get to opening your record store in Sardinia and how did you manage with it?

The record store was one of my little dreams that turned out in a little nightmare, despite all the enthusiasm of my youth I was honestly unprepared to manage it. The conditions we operated in Sardinia weren’t of any help, also the worldwide crisis of 2007 just kicked off. Looking back to it I never regret the experience it brought with, the business didn’t go well, but there was a lot to learn from and I keep in my mind many joyful and funny moments as well.

My understanding is that you are now in charge of managing the TGP label. What are your plans with it going forward? Are you going to continue pushing vinyl releases?

Yes, I keep things going on TGP and I have 2 upcoming vinyl records on the line. I may be quite slow with releases but the label is staying active in its own time.

Who do you find to be exciting acts in the world of Techno right now? Are there any inspirational artists or labels you completely trust?

I have some personal favourite of mine but no one to mention, it’s not nice to leave someone out of the list 🙂

Can you please tell us about your move to the off-the-grid location in Bulgaria and what life is like there? Does the closeness of nature provide a huge boost to your production capabilities?

It’s not exactly off-the-grid, I live in the mountains but I’m relatively close to the city centre and the airport within 30 minute drive, the choice of such a location was not really for boosting my production rather to have a different life experience, closeness to nature feels good for me now.

Can you talk a little bit about your music production process? Care to show us some of your favourite equipment, and talk us through your workflow?

My music productions are based on jamming with the machines, then sitting down to record them and arrange what I have so far. The entire process can take from hours to weeks until I’m satisfied with the material I have. As piece of equipment, I love the Elektron Analog RYTM, I’ve been doing the majority of my drums with it.

How is your schedule for 2023? Do you have a lot of releases lined up?

I have several remixes and single tracks upcoming on different labels, also I’m working to release a special record on TGP in combination with LDG (Japan)

Would you share with us a few of your favourite tracks or albums, music that you would like readers to hear?

The Source Experience – Different Journeys

Dj Metatron – Loops Of Infinity (A Rave Love Letter)

L.B. Dub Corp – Take It Down (In Dub)

Atom TM – Cold Memories

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri – La Equidistancia