In 2010, with acknowledged fine artist DJ Dork, he looks for a new platform to share their ideas on techno: Technokunst comes to life with the expressed aim of bringing quality – instead of commercial – techno back to Hungary. In Budapest’s only stable and quality club that thinks „differently”, the belly of the A38 ship and Lärm.


Among first generation of hungarian DJs, Dork has been using music and record players as a means of non-verbal communication since 1996. She makes the valuable dimensions of the style evident by moving along the powerful yet meditative boundary of her human-centred techno.


Mode discovered his passion for electronic music in his formative years and has since devoted over 15 years to curating his collection of vinyl records. In his sets, he is focusing on the hypnotic and mind-bending side of deeper Techno, with a definite commitment to vinyl. As a member of the Budapest-based Technokunst collective, Mode embraces a healthy mix of both the dancefloor-forward, as well as the more introspective aspect of the genre.


Valens started his career in the electronic music industry as a drum and bass dj and organiser in his teens. He never stopped collecting records but his focus shifted towards techno and became a Technokunst resident in 2018. His style is quite versatile so he is just as comfortable playing warm up sets with deep, hypnotic tunes as playing groovy rollers or dancefloor bangers.